Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

The following is a list of courses that I took at the Georgia Tech.

Course Code Course Name
CS 6250 Computer Networks
CS 6515 Introduction to Graduate Algorithms
CS 6601 Artificial Intelligence
CS 6603 AI, Ethics, and Society
CS 7632 Game AI
CS 7638 Robotics: AI Techniques
CS 7641 Machine Learning
CS 7643 Deep Learning
CS 7646 Machine Learning for Trading
CS 8801 Artificial Intelligence Reading Group
CS 8801 Research Seminar

Course Code Course Name
ISYE 6420 Bayesian Statistics

McMaster University

The following is a list of courses that I took at McMaster University.

Course Code Course Name
COMMERCE 4QA3 Operations Modelling and Analysis
COMMERCE 4PA3 Business Policy: Strategic Management
COMMERCE 4MI3 Marketing Analytics
COMMERCE 4KG3 Data Mining and Business Intelligence
COMMERCE 3MC3 Applied Marketing Management
COMMERCE 3FA3 Managerial Finance
COMMERCE 2MA3 Introduction to Marketing
COMMERCE 2FA3 Introduction to Finance
COMMERCE 2BC3 Human Resource Management and Labour Relations
COMMERCE 2AB3 Managerial Accounting I
COMMERCE 1BA3 Organizational Behaviour
COMMERCE 1AA3 Introductory Financial Accounting

Course Code Course Name
COMPSCI 4O03 Linear Optimization
COMPSCI 4ML3 Introduction to Machine Learning

Course Code Course Name
ECON 3M03 Introduction to Game Theory
ECON 3E03 Applied Econometrics
ECON 2X03 Applied Business Economics
ECON 2HH3 Intermediate Macroeconomics II
ECON 2H03 Intermediate Macroeconomics I
ECON 2GG3 Intermediate Microeconomics II
ECON 1BB3 Introductory Macroeconomics
ECON 1B03 Introductory Microeconomics

Course Code Course Name
ENGNMGT 5B03 Engineering and Management Projects
ENGNMGT 4A03 Innovation Driven Project Development and Management
ENGNMGT 2AA2 Communication Skills

Course Code Course Name
ENGINEER 4A03 Sustainability and Ethics in Engineering
ENGINEER 1P03 Engineering Profession and Practice
ENGINEER 1D04 Engineering Computation
ENGINEER 1C03 Engineering Design and Graphics

Course Code Course Name
WHMIS 1A00 Introduction to Health and Safety
PHYSICS 1E03 Waves, Electricity, and Magnetic Fields
PHYSICS 1D03 Introductory Mechanics
MATLS 1M03 Structure and Properties of Materials
ENVIRSC 1C03 Climate, Water, and Environment
CHEM 1E03 General Chemistry for Enigneering I

Course Code Course Name
MATH 2ZZ3 Engineering Mathematics IV
MATH 2Z03 Engineering Mathematics III
MATH 1ZC3 Engineering Mathematics II - Part B
MATH 1ZB3 Engineering Mathematics II - Part A
MATH 1ZA3 Engineering Mathematics I

Course Code Course Name
SFWRENG 4X03 Scientific Computation
SFWRENG 4TE3 Continuous Optimization Algorithms
SFWRENG 4HC3 Human Computer Interfaces
SFWRENG 4G06 Software Design IV - Capstone Design Project
SFWRENG 4F03 Parallel Computing
SFWRENG 4C03 Computer Networks and Security
SFWRENG 4AA4 Real-Time Systems and Control Applications
SFWRENG 3XA3 Software Engineering Practice and Experience: Software Project Management
SFWRENG 3S03 Software Testing
SFWRENG 3RA3 Software Requirements and Security Considerations
SFWRENG 3MX3 Signals and Systems
SFWRENG 3DX4 Dynamic Systems and Control
SFWRENG 3DB3 Databases
SFWRENG 3BB4 Software Design II - Concurrent System Design
SFWRENG 3A04 Software Design III - Large System Design
SFWRENG 2XB3 Software Engineering Practice and Experience: Binding Theory to Practice
SFWRENG 2XA3 Software Engineering Practice and Experience: Software Development Skills
SFWRENG 2S03 Principles of Programming
SFWRENG 2GA3 Computer Architecture
SFWRENG 2FA3 Discrete Mathematics with Applications II
SFWRENG 2DM3 Discrete Mathematics with Applications I
SFWRENG 2DA4 Digital Systems and Interfacing
SFWRENG 2C03 Data Structures and Algorithms
SFWRENG 2AA4 Software Design I - Introduction to Software Development

Course Code Course Name
SFWRTECH 4DM3 Data Mining
SFWRTECH 4DA3 Data Analytics and Big Data

Course Code Course Name
STATS 3Y03 Probability and Statistics for Engineering
STATS 2D03 Introduction to Probability